Weezer Live In Jakarta, Jan 8, 2013: Videos & Setlist

Weezer Live In Jakarta, Jan 8, 2013: Videos & Setlist 



The most anticipated concert of early 2013 has arrived. Weezer was very popular in Indonesia back in mid 90′s. They still are. Weezer was the answer for those not really into heavy metal, grunge, hip-hop and other music genre that was big in the 90′s. Pop music with distortion. Love songs with hair-metal riffs. Power-pop, so they say. Some say nerd-rock. Your call. Weezer was an ok sign. It was ok to be a nerd. It was ok if you have a weird hair-do. It was ok if you have moustache. It was ok if you wear a tie to your office and still listen to rock music. It was ok if you wear Buddy Holly (or Woody Allen?) glasses . . It’s ok if you listen to Weezer. If it’s too loud turn it down.

For South East Asia, they only play Jakarta, Indonesia. And then they head to Australia afterwards. The concept was Greatest Hits + Blue Album (From Start To Finish). Man, how can you can skip this golden moment?

Show started at 8pm. The venue was at Lapangan D Senayan. It’s a football court. It was rainy day. But the rain stopped at noon. Few hours before Weezer performed. But the mud remained. But who cares anyway. It’s Weezer. I didn’t give a damn.

They start the show with “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You Too) I Want You Too,” a song off their 2009 album, Raditude. They played the setlist chronologically backward, so they actually skipped an album, 2010′s Hurley. Then they move forward, er, backward to Red Album (2008) with their hits Troublemaker and Pork And Beans. And then to the year 2005, two songs from Make Believe album with Perfect Situation and Beverly Hills. Then  Green Album (2001) with Island in The Sun and Hash Pipe.

And then we went to the 90′s with their cult album, Pinkerton (1996), with Across The Sea, El Schorcho and Tired of Sex. And they took a break to prepare themselves to perform their full album, the masterpiece, Blue Album. As the recess took place, Karl, the unofficial fifth Weezer member narrated a slideshow on the big screen how Weezer was formed until they gained worldwide popularity with their Blue Album.  As Karl finished his documentary, the band hit the stage again. They played the Blue Album in order. From My Name Is Jonas until Only In Dreams. Magical!


Greatest Hits : (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To, Pork and Beans, Troublemaker, Perfect Situation, Beverly Hills, Dope Nose (Scott Vocals), Island In The Sun (with intro partial cover of AKB’s Heavy Rotation), Hash Pipe, Across The Sea, El Schorcho, Tired of Sex. Blue Album: My Name Is Jonas, No One Else, Buddy Holly, Come Undone – The Sweater Song, Surf Wax America, Say It Ain’t So, In The Garage, Holiday, Only in Dreams. 

— assembled by @agunsux and @yonan32, image from gigsplay.com, video uploaded by: @fetboyslim, @linggaresineta, @upiel, @entulista




Ten Best New Year’s Eve Songs


New Year’s Eve will soon be upon us, and as you bid farewell to 2012 and say hello to 2013, you’ll need some good music to smooth the transition and fuel the revelry. Whether you’re going out partying on Dec. 31 or spending the night with a few friends, quietly celebrating at home, our 10 Best New Year’s Eve Songs playlist will provide you with the perfect soundtrack. Don’t go rocking into 2013 without them!


‘The New Year,’ Death Cab for Cutie

From ‘Transatlanticism’ (2003)
Sorry if this one seems a little obvious, but what’s wrong with kicking things off on the right note? Absolutely nothing is wrong with it, that’s what’s wrong with it! ‘The New Year’ is the lead track on ‘Transatlanticism’ — and it’s a great song to lead you into the New Year, too.

‘Brand New Love,’ Sebadoh

From ‘The Freed Weed’ (1990)
Listen closely to this song, and you’ll realize that Sebadoh frontman Lou Barlow is really singing more about new beginnings than new romances — perfect NYE fodder. Still, the arrival of 2013 is as good a time as any to “find a brand new love.”

’11:59 (It’s January),’ Scrawl

From ‘Nature Film’ (1998)
“Last year went down the drain / They all do, really, why complain,” Scrawl’s Marcy Mays sings on ‘January (It’s 11:59),’ the next entry on our Best New Year’s Eve Songs list. They’re not the most uplifting lyricsabout reflecting on one’s year, but at least they’re honest.

‘Beggars Bowl,’ Polvo

From ‘In Prism’ (2009)
It sounds weird to admit this, but for some reason, this song always makes us think of all the college football bowl games that go down on Jan. 1, and how ’Beggars Bowl’ would be a really odd name for one of them. It’s the kind of bowl our school would might play in were it to qualify for a bowl game — which, of course, it probably wouldn’t.

‘Y2K,’ The Apples In Stereo

From ‘Her Wallpaper Reverie’ (1999)
Sure, it was 13 years ago, but do you remember how big a deal the millennium was? The Y2K computer bug, the Y2K apocalypse, the inevitable over-hyping of a certain Prince song? None of these things are specifically mentioned in the lyrics to this Apples In Stereo song, but it does perfectly capture the general paranoid mood.

Year of the Snake,’ Sufjan Stevens

From ‘Enjoy Your Rabbit’ (2001)
In 2001, Sufjan Stevens recorded an album based around the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, and coming in at No. 5 on our Best New Year’s Eve Songs list, we have the cut ‘Year of the Snake.’ Not coincidentally, 2013 happens to be the Year of the Snake — see how that works out?  To many people, the slithering reptile is associated with venom and danger, but in China, it’s definitely a symbol of luck.

‘The End of a Dark, Tired Year,’ Piano Magic

‘The Troubled Sleep of Piano Magic’ (2003)
We admit this one is a bit too gloomy and depressing for a New Year’s Eve party — unless, of course, it’s being hosted by Robert Smith — but who said these all have to be party jams? Perhaps you’re glad to see a dark, tired year finally come to a close and are content to sit at home in total blackness listening to really depressing music. This one certainly lives up to its name, if that’s what you are going for.

‘Flowers in December,’ Mazzy Star

From ‘Among My Swan’ (1996)
Not to go all “global warming” on you, but we couldn’t help but notice the other day when walking through the park that there were still rose bushes blooming in the middle of December. Which, of course, was pleasing to the eye, but it also got us thinking about how mild this winter has been so far (again, not a horrible thing on its own), and how pretty soon, seeing flowers on New Year’s Day may be a common occurrence. Next thing you know, this Mazzy Star song was on our New Year’s Eve mix.

‘It’s Time to Party,’ Andrew W.K.

From ‘I Get Wet’ (2001)
Just when you thought this list was getting too dreary, we agreed and decided ‘It’s Time to Party.’ It’s pretty much always time to party for Andrew W.K., the guy who was recently named by the U.S. Department of State as a party ambassador to the Middle East (until he wasn’t). Anyway, this one is one of his many, many party jams. Rock on!

‘New Year’s Day,’ U2

From ‘War’ (1983)
Description Title
Another obvious pick, right? Maybe so, but No. 1 on our list of the Best New Year’s Eve Songs is the first tune about this particular holiday that we remember hearing, and back in the day, it actually seemed novel. Nowadays, we know it’s anything but, but it’s still a great song.

–by joe robinson for diffuser.fm image from zimbio.com