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This is a list of the music lists that I found interesting or useful. There’s a much more complete list of lists at Largehearted Boy and an aggregation of 500+ album ratings at Album of the Year (plus their collection of lists). The Metacritic end of year roundup is a great resource as well.

I’ve also made a spotify playlist of my 100 favorite songs (so far). I keep finding new stuff on these lists and I think it’ll take me a couple months to really get through it all.

Updated 12/24. Newest posts at the top. 

Mixtapes top 50 songs. #1: Japandroids, House that Heaven Built.

All Things Go top 50 songs. #1: Jai Paul, Jasmine.

Sound Influx albums 20-11. Albums 10-1. #1: Django Django.

Pitchfork writers’ individual top 10 lists, songs and albums. Amazing lists. **

Pitchfork top 50 albums. #1:…

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