Pet Sounds (The Beach Boys, 1966)

It’s been 46 years since the album released. What would had happened if The Beach Boys never made Pet Sounds album? So there would be no The Beatles’ Sgt. Peppers and Lonely Hearts Club Band. On the other hand what would happen if The Beatles never released Rubber Soul? So there would be no such album named Pet Sounds.  They’re all connected. Those are three lists of the greatest albums of all time until now. In December 1965, the Beatles released Rubber Soul, an album which enthralled Brian Wilson. Until then, each Beach Boys album (like most rock albums) contained a few “filler tracks” like cover songs or even stitched-together comedy bits. Wilson found Rubber Soul filled with all-original songs and, more importantly, all good ones, none of them filler. Inspired by that album, he rushed to his wife and proclaimed, “Marilyn, I’m gonna make the greatest album! The greatest rock album ever made!” (Quoted from 2006’s book by Peter Ames Carlin’s Catch A Wave: The Rise, Fall, & Redemption of the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson)


  1. No. 2 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.
  2. No. 1 on Mojo’s 100 Greatest Albums of All Time.
  3. No. 1 on COS’ Top 100 Albums Ever
  4. No. 3 on NME’s 100 Best Albums of All Time
  5. No. 6 on The Guardian’s 100 Best Albums Ever

And the list goes on and on..


George Martin: “Without Pet SoundsSgt. Pepper wouldn’t have happened… Pepper was an attempt to equal Pet Sounds.” Bob Dylan on Brian Wilson’s talents: “That ear – I mean, Jesus, he’s got to will that to the Smithsonian.” Roger Waters: “Along with Sgt Pepper, Pet Sounds completely changed everything about records for me.” Elton John: “For me to say that I was enthralled would be an understatement. I had never heard such magical sounds, so amazingly recorded. It undoubtedly changed the way that I, and countless others, approached recording. It is a timeless and amazing recording of incredible genius and beauty. (quoted from: ” Musicians on Brian”.) Pardon me, am i allowed to say something here? Oh. Ok. I guess not. 🙂


I want to tell you something if you haven’t heard this album. This is not an easy listening album like early Beatles’ albums. It’s Pet Sounds. But once you fall for it, you will know how genius they were in making this album. You can listen to layers of vocal harmonies, sound effects and unconventional instruments such as bicycle bells, buzzing organs, hapsichords, flutes, dog whistles, trains, Hawaiian sounding string instruments or even coca cola cans and barking dogs. Very unusual at that era. The sounds and musical arrangements here are unlike anything else that had ever been done to this point and to say that this album has influenced generations of hopeful musicians. This is an album that gets better and better with each listen and you find yourself hearing things that even after dozens of times through, you have never heard before.


Maybe Wouldn’t it be nice is a very catchy song at first hearing. But for me God Only Knows is their masterpiece. I know Sir Paul is on my side about this. Haha. As long as i can recall, The Beach Boys is the first bands/musicians used word “God” in their song title. I’d like to say that this is also maybe the first emo song that have been produced by a band. “If you should ever leave me. Well life would still go on believe me. The world could show nothing to me. So what good would living do me. God only knows what i’d be without you”


On that era also released The Beatles’ Revolver, Dylan’s Blonde and Blonde, Rolling Stones’ Aftermath, Simon and Garfunkel’s Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme, The Who’s A Quick One etc.


Away From The World (Dave Matthews Band, 2012)

How many bands that have countless live albums? Extensive tour. I mean every single damn year. Except 2011 to comemmorate their 20 years in music? There’s only one band. Dave Matthews Band.

On February 7, 2012, Dave Matthews Band was announced as a headliner for the Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama. This is the first officially announced tour date for the band in 2012. Other headliners at this event will be Jack White and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Away From The World is their seventh studio album. Their second album without LeRoi Moore. Moore died suddenly in August 2008 due to complications from an ATV accident. He was saxophonist and also founder of the the band along with David John Matthews as singer-songwriter and guitarist, bassist Stefan Lessard, drummer/backing vocalist Carter Beauford.

Dave Matthews reunites with Steve Lilywhite. Producer of their first three albums. Under The Table And Dreaming (1994), Crash (1996), Before These Crowded Street (1998). Their most recognizable albums. Classic ones.

Lilywhite takes DMB to where they belongs. Brassy, funky and music like they used to be.

1. Broken Things

Dont you love the falsetto sound of Dave Matthews when he croons “Oh my love my heart is set on you, set on you” and trailing off into violin solo from Boyd. Beauty.

2. Belly Belly

Open by brassy sound and boom suddenly it’s 90’s again. The song evokes me to Ants Marching era. You can’t get too much love. Don’t you feel it in your belly go get you some!

3. Mercy

Their first single from this album. A lil bit political and deep lyrics. But the music sound simple and catchy. Simple is good when it comes to this band.

4. Gaucho

The guitar work reminiscent me to their first album. A kids choir is also singing the chorus line with Dave “We gotta do much more than believe if we really wanna change things”  in the end finish by nice saxophone solo.

5.  Sweet

A simple and short song. Dave only sing with his ukulele before the group comes in with solid touches at the end.

6. The Riff

My favorite song in this album. Love the lyrics. “If you stay with me that don’t mean we gotta stay the same.. If you stay with me baby you and me will change the game… You stay with me I’ll follow you and we can start again.”

7. Belly Full

I don’t know why but this song reminds me to Eddie Vedder with his solo album. If the songs last a little bit longer this song can be memorable one.

8. If Only

Simple lost love song. A boy who wants his girl back. He just can’t forget her. He loves her so much. What more can you ask?

9. Rooftop

 Another lost love song. Now he tries harder. Standing on the rooftop and screams “I want you to tell me that you want me too”. It’s ok to be honest with yourself. Just scream your heart out.

10. Snow Outside

The vocal melody is one of the key in this song. It’s a jamming song. Spontaneous. But still Carter Beauford, the drummer, has always been the metronomic glue for the band. Well it’s not a surprise DMB is a live band.

11. Drunken Soldier

Duration 09:45. Magnum Opus from this album. Probably song of the year 2012. I don’t know how to label this song. It’s folk. It’s a rock. It’s a progressive. Many twist. Lyrically strong. Dave sings his heart out. It’s Dave Matthews Band at its best.  Give yourself a few spin you won’t regret it. It’s a promise.