Christian Bale is The Fighter

Just maybe around two weeks ago I watched The Fighter. The film I most want to watch at the beginning of this year. Why? Because Christian Bale get his first Golden Globe in the film. I wonder what he’s that good? He was very skinny in the movie. Maybe he lost 20kg of weight initially? I do not know how much weight initially. He was skinny as well as in the movie The Machinist (2004). The film that I am not sure whether aired on Indonesian cinema or not. His acting talent is already visible. At least he had intention to lose weight drastically.

But more people know him as Bruce Wayne! Like any other superhero story you do not need to have a talent that is too great. But in The Fighter her acting is so dominant. Astonishing.

Bale is Dicky Eklund, Irish descent, drug users, ex-boxer. so coach Mickey Ward sister (played by Mark Wahlberg) living in a small town in New England. True story. His acting is so loose, I laughed happily to see his acting. He was talkative, unreliable as well as fun.

Heath Ledger plays the Joker perfectly in Dark Knight. Remember Sean Penn in Milk film or I am Sam? Christian Bale is already in that category. Class A. Together with De Niro, Al Pacino, and other great actors. I do not wonder if Bale on the night of Oscar later bestowal will get his first trophy.

Christian Bale is The Fighter!


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